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Our Brands

  • Anatomic@co.

    Elegant shoes in average and wide fittings. Mens shoes suitable for the office or boots for weekend wear. The inner soles are cushioned and beautifully lined in leather. These shoes, like all our shoes have a very loyal following.

  • Finn Comfort

    Over 60 years of footwear manufacturing and comprehensive medical knowledge make FINN COMFORT a product of unsurpassed excellence. The anatomically correct orthopaedic foot-bed ensures effortless walking. It can be taken out to make space for customers own orthotics if desired.

    FINNCONFORT SHOES MAN AND WOMAN are some of the finest comfort shoes on Earth combines incorporable with style. They have natural cork-latex foot-beds that support the foot in the correct position, helping to avoid knee problems, backache and tiredness.
    The foot-bed can be taken out (also in sandals) replaced with custom made orthotics if necessary.

    FINNAMIC rockered hell design encourages natural heel-to-toe rolling motion. I provides support and shock absorption improves posture and helps you to stand and walk in supreme comfort.

    FINNSTREC  shoes are suitable for people with especially sensitive feet including bunions, arthritis, deformed shoes or swollen feet.

    Sensitive pressure points are unpleasant and make walking and standing difficult. Therefore after intensive research in collaboration with doctors, orthopaedic technicians, FinnConfort have developed the preventive shoe.
    These special FinnConfort models are made of extra-soft leather. Additionally, these prevention shoes have no pressing seams, but greater width and additional cushioning in the upper and instep.

    FINNORTHO comfortably soft. Specially for Diabetes.
    189 million people worldwide live with diabetes. When the disease is diagnosed too late or poorly controlled, it may lead to the possibility of developing diabetic foot syndrome. Vascular and neurological abnormalities frequently damage the foot Neuropathy, decreased blood circulation through arteries of the lower extremities, wounds that do not heal, even amputation of the foot is not uncommon in a diabetic. Well fitted and high quality extra depth therapeutic walking shoes can help counter-act this syndrome before foot ulcers occur or an amputation becomes imminent.
    If you suffer from repeated foot sores or have wounds increasingly difficult to heal, these shoes might be perfect for you.

    Please ask for catalogue for more styles.
    All styles or sizes not here on our website are available within 7-10 days for delivery to your door or 3 - 5 days to pick up from our shop .
    Email  or call us on 020 8455 3623 or 0208 8458 8339 please.

  • JOYA

    Shoes with a specially soft sole.
    Offer relief for the spine and joints and foster an active posture.


  • Naot

    NAOT sandals and shoes are scientifically designed to distribute body weight for the ultimate in walking pleasure.
    Made of the finest Italian leathers, NAOT sandals have a unique footbed shaped like a footprint in the sand which contours the natural shape of the foot, giving vital support helping to prevent tiredness and backache. The supportive cushioning provides the best in well-being for your feet.
    Some Naot styles for women and men have removeable insoles. Replacement Naot insoles can be purchased so that you can extend the life of the sandal even furtherl. Your own Orthotics can be positioned inside instead of the insole if required.


  • Waldlaufer